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Screen print & collage on fabric
70cm x 54cm

Gender roles have been challenged throughout history and I wanted to explore this issue through active research in surface pattern. I chose 1950’s photographs to experiment with as during this era, specific gender roles were in place; the men worked to take care of the family financially while the women stayed at home to look after the children. Men were dressed typically in conservative business suits as a direct response to the war; they wanted to feel secure by dressing the same. Pattern was particularly tame for men, with checks, stripes, plaids and Argyle prints being the norm. Women’s fashion was quite different; daytime clothing involved practical but attractive house dresses to do chores and run errands and evening wear consisted of cocktail dresses if they were to attend social gatherings to promote and further their spouse’s career. ‘Man Dear’ is an experimental project based on the ideas of gender role reversal.